Monday, February 14, 2011

End of week 2

As salaamu Alaykum

So its the end of week 2 and I went for a weigh in this morning and I only lost 800g! Which was a disappointed but at least its not a gain. Alhamdulilaah.

I did cheat on Friday night, I had a handful of crisps and also had some chicken wings. And then Saturday I had some more grilled chicken wings.

I felt so terrible on Saturday that I did not eat supper. Alhamdulilaah I am back on track.

I was feeling quite low this weekend, I usually get like this just before the start of my monthly's.

So I am persevering! So I weigh 80 kgs and I need to get to 70 by the end of week 6.

Please keep me in your duas.


  1. Assalaam Alaikum :)

    Just came across your blog while I was blog hopping and I had to stop by and say something!

    I too am in the same boat as you! I've been steadily gaining weight for the last couple of years and the whole of 2010, I weighed in the 80s and I was terrified that the next time I got on the scale, it was going to go into the 90s!! O_O

    It's very embarrassing, but I never seem to lose any of it! Add PCOS into it and its a major battle!! I always promise myself I'm going to exercise and cut down on my eating, but apparently I seem to have the willpower of a drug addict! :( :(

    But at the beginning of this year, I determined that I was really going to DO something about my fatness or die in the attempt! :P :P

    Al-hamdulillaahi I have been quite successful in cutting back on my eating and controlling myself when faced with temptation. Have been stuffing myself with oats and stuff to avoid the cheesecakes and chocolate!! :(

    I usually avoid the scale like the plague, but a few days back I decided to see how much I weighed now and to my utter delight it read 78!!!

    It was a euphoric moment I tell you, I always see the scale gaining numbers, never reducing when I get on! But al-hamdulillaahi something seems to have worked!

    I haven't exercised or anything, but insha Allah am going to start now and see if it helps further!

    May Allah ta'aala help you and me in this struggle of ours dear sister!! I look forward to the day when I come here and see you say you've reached the 60s!! :D

    We should celebrate! :D

  2. Aslkm sister, Shukran for your comment and motivation. I need to start exercising as well, been really lazy. InshAllah we will get there with lots of effort and dua. Please keep me in your duas and I will keep u in mine :)