Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Allah ta'alaa has blessed me by giving me the opportunity of going for Umrah inshallah. I leave on the 25th December inshallah and will be back on the 14th January.

Going with my husband, my mother and father in law and of course my 19 month old daughter.

Inshallah, make dua that we have a safe trip.

Been preparing for my ibaadah while I am there, got a really useful Umrah kitaab with all the duas and instructions in, bought a small quraan, here is some advice from my cousin who is a mualima...

There are allocated times for ladies to visit the Nabi (saw)'s qabr. Go as much as u can. Take opportunity of the times as much as possible.

Start by going for tahajjud and staying for fajr. Make as much tahajjud as u want.

Read Surah Yaseen in the morning.

Make Thikr daily in Makkah n madina:
100 x Laailaaha illallaah
100 x Astaghfirullah
100 x Durood
100 x Third kalimah: Subhaanallaah wal hamdulillah walaa ilaaha illallah wallaahu Akbar walaa howla walaa kuwwata illaa billaa hil aliyyil atheem.

These thikrs can be made morning and evening. These thikrs can also be made while making tawaaf.

At night one should at least read Suratul Mulk.

As for makkah make as much tawaaf as u can. spend as much time in the two harams as possible. Dua is also very much accepted.

Cry to Allah after salaah and ask From Him.

Furthermore just enjoy your time and experience the mercy of Allah. Make dua for mankind that we be guided. Inshallah.