Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 6

So far excellent, my diet is going well and I have resisted temptation especially this weekend when I had some guests over and I served chocolate cake, samoosas, pies. I made sure that I stuck to it and has some extra fruit but not too much.

Tomorrow is my first weigh in. I am nervous and excited, I know its really soon but I feel lighter and I can feel my body changing.

Will post my results tommorrow


  1. Aslkm poshmodest
    Am also doing DarunNaim LiZuhur course.Finding it quite challenging to balance all family obligations and studies, but love it.
    All the best with your diet, and if you find any extra energy or time, its always a good idea to try to add some physical exercise to your weight-loss plan... but i should practise before i preach :)

  2. Wslm Faatin, where are you doing the course? Starting exercising this week, InshAllah. I have an elliptical machine at home so all I need is the motivation to get on it :) Thanks for the advice and let me know when your blog is up and running