Friday, March 4, 2011

Week 5

I am so hesitant to post this!

This past week was terrible! I cheated and could not stick to my diet! I am soooo an emotional eater! Arggggghhhhhh!!!!

Stress and crime and just everything got me this week and I tried to eat properly and just failed!

I made a commitment today to start on my way again, InshAllah. Allah assist me to persevere.

So I weighed in on Monday which was the end of week 4 and I weighed 78kgs


  1. Alhumdulillah you are normal and there is no need to sound so hesitant or frustrated...we all cheat on diets - the beauty is our ability to pick up from where we left off and carry on with it and for that you need strength, which you seem to clearly possess. Keep at it. hugs and love

  2. i just am so dissapointed in myself! i came so far to just give it all up again! its like a sick cycle. Please make dua for me, I need to get through this