Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 3 and 4

I have eaten some real food! Yipppeee! Ate a tuna salad today with some lettuce, onions and allot of Tabasco. And for supper I had a chicken stir fry with cabbage, spinach, tomato and spices. It was so good to have food after 3 whole days of fruit.

Everything going well Alhamdulilaah, energy levels up and also resisting all temptations.

Having chicken curry made with chicken, onion, tomato and spices for lunch tomorrow with my 2 cracker breads :)

My first weigh in and measurements will be taken on Monday, InshAllah, no idea what to expect of the weight loss but will share.

Quraan lessons were lovely today, started Surah Yaseen and made an intention to start memorizing it, InshAllah. I will try my hardest, when you are older, its much more difficult to memorize.

Jumuah Mubarak!

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