Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hajj 2010

As salaamu Alaykum sisters in Islam and readers of this small blog about my insignificant life

So much has happened since April 2010!!! That looks like the last time I blogged! Oops, sorry!

So an update is due:

After April 2010 I was accredited to go for Hajj! I made my intention and Alhamdulilaah I was so fortunate to be able to go for 5 amazing and life changing weeks! Allah ta'ala really blessed me! A trip of a lifetime! We spend 10 nights in Madinah! The crowds were overwhelming compared to Umrah in December 2009 but visiting the qabr of our beloved Nabi (saw) was amazing and rewarding!

Makkah was packed to capacity 5 million hujjaj. We stayed so close to the haram in Makkah and the 4th day of Thul Hijjah moved to Aziziah for the remainder of the days before we went to Mina for the first day of Hajj.

In Makkah I spent most of my time in the haram doing salaah and tawaaf! Seeing the Kabah again was amazing! So magnetic! Really reminds me of the Glory and Majesty of Allah ta'ala.

We moved to Mina the first day of Hajj, spent the time there in salaah, thikr and anticipation of the days to come. South Africans are so fortunate we have lovely tents and 24 hour food service and amazing Ulema who  occupied our time with hajj lectures and advice! Alhamdulilaah!

The next morning after fajr we left for Arafah walking. It was a long walk but was so beautiful to commemorate the footsteps of the Sahaabah (ra) and the Nabi (saw) it was truly amazing! I could not believe that I was there!

We arrived in Arafah and it was 20 degrees hotter than on the road! We spent the day on Arafaah in hope and mercy of Allah ta'ala. I have never felt so close to Allah ta'ala as on that day. It was a tearful day of repentance and asking Allah ta'ala. When I looked around me it was as if we were on the day of Judgement! So many people just walking around in a trance like state regretting, asking for forgiveness, pleading Allah for mercy. And everyone was concerned with themselves and no one else!

It was really the highlight of Hajj, Youmul Arafah!

After Maghrib we walked to Muzdalifah and reached there at midnight. We set up camp on a road just on the muzdalifah mina border and slept on the road under the stars! Was one of the best sleeps ever! I think because I was just really exhausted.

We then woke up for fajr and proceeded back to Mina where we would pelt the Jamaraat! It was a long walk back, we rested, prayed and then went to the Jamaraat building which looks like a huge multi level parking building. We went to the first level, pelted our 7 stones and left back to Aziziah to wait for our sacrificial animals to be slaughtered and then to relieve ourselves from Ihraam and then return back to Mina. We performed our Tawaaf of Hajj the next day and then we completely relieved from Ihraam.

We stayed the extra nights in Mina and pelted the Jamaraats during the day.

It was sad leaving but I was so excited to be reunited with my daughter who was staying at my mother in laws for the 5 weeks.

Alhamdulilaah I am so fortunate!! Alhamdulilaah.


  1. Asalaamu 3alaikum!!

    MashaaAllah wa alhamdulillah -- taqqabul-Allah wa minkum ameen!! InshaaAllah I can do Hajj OMG I can't even imagine the emotions and spiritual high O_O

  2. Shukran Aalia! It was mind blowingly amazing! Everyone should experience it once in a lifetime. I am already dreaming of going for umrah again just to that I can be there! InshAllah, maybe I can convince my hubby