Sunday, January 23, 2011


After Hajj I was so inspired by my journey that I was inspired to wear the niqab. I had already been wearing the hijab as well as an abaya since I went for Umrah in 2009.

I was wearing it in Madinah all of the time since I arrived and then when I wore it for the Umrah to Makkah I did not wear it and it was so humid in Makkah I was having a bit of difficulty wearing it in tawaaf.

When I was on the plane coming home I decided not to shock my family by arriving at the airport wearing it and my daughter would also not recognize me.

After the first week I decided to break the news to everyone and wore it out and about. Alhamdulilaah it has been received with lots of goodness :) May Allah make it easy for all the muslimahs. Ameen!


  1. Asalaamu 3alaikum,

    MashaaAllah :-) May Allah make it easy for you and reward you ameen!!

  2. masha'Allah! Mabrook... You look glowing with happiness. I also took the plunge and wore it last year. Alhamdulilah!

  3. Shukran ladies for the encouragement. Mashallah Sarah may Allah continue making it easy for you.

  4. masha alah... u ladies are such an inspiration to the muslimah ummah.... May Allah continue to guide u and protect u Inshalah ameen

  5. Ameen inshallah, its always had when you start wearing niqab because of the perceptions with others especially family but what makes us strong and determined in our decision, is faith in ourselves (our inner strength). Keep it up:)