Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Can anyone please sell me some willpower? I really need some. Why is it easier for some and not others?

Every Monday morning I wake up and decide that I will start eating correctly and resolve to lose weight, I have a proper breakfast and lunch and then its downhill from there. I over indulge on chocolates or sweets its just insane that I can't stick to one day of healthy eating.

Yes I do need to lose weight and I have PCOS which does not help my situation. Any ideas sisters on what to do?

I need to stick to my plan and carry on at least for a few weeks to get into my good weight bracket.


  1. Use sparkpeople.com or livestrong.com (also known as the daily plate). Others will help keep you accountable, you'll see exactly what you're taken in over the week, and it enforces behavioral change.

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  3. uhhh I know the feeling, I posted about it too! I put up some of the tips that have been working for me, but it is a constant struggle nevertheless. I'm only about 3 kgs from my healthy bmi which is very very exciting! I think one good way to go is to find some bars to substitute your chocolate. Special K does some good ones or Atkins has the low carb ones that have minimal sugar yet taste the same (even in brownie flavour). =)

  4. i understand EXACTLY how u feel, PCOS sucks! i have it too : (

  5. Don't worry you're not alone in this. Lots of people have this problem. For years I couldn't control myself reaching for chocolate/biscuits/sweets. I always wanted to lose 'just a few kilos'. I guess I kept thinking it's just 'a few kilos' which then gave rise to 'just a little bit of chocolate won't hurt'. And then just a little bit more and a little bit more...I'll stop tomorrow, tomorrow I'll be good...

    A few things finally got me to change:

    1. Read a blog (forget where) that the woman wrote she wanted to lose a couple of kilos, and why couldn't she just 'shut her mouth' - literally. I mean that's what dieting is, closing your mouth and not eating something. So I just had to 'shut my mouth'. I felt powerful that I could stop reaching for another and another and another piece of chocolate.

    2.Telling myself I CAN have the sweet...but after 12pm, then next day I'd push it to 1pm, next day to 3pm, next week I'd say till after dinner, till Wednesday...little by little my self-control was under control!

    3.Watching a re-run of Oprah talking about the evils of sugar (the one with Dr Oz). It really woke me up about the link between diabetes-sugar-heart attacks etc. Really scary. I wasn't much of a pepsi/coke drinker but even one sip now makes me think of the sugar scratching my blood vessels and causing clots which may block my veins and cause a heart attack.

    Alhamdulillah I have cut my sweet intake dramatically. I still have a cup of tea or coffee almost everyday with a heaped teaspoon of sugar OR a biscuit OR one square of chocolate. Now I save the chocolate or cake etc for when I visit people and they offer it or perhaps when I'm out with hubby and we feel like ice-cream/cake etc. I don't feel like I'm missing out and nobody likes to offer guests sweets and hear 'I'm on a diet'. It's so boring. And guess what? I don't feel bad about treating myself anymore! Because now, they are just that: treats, not stuffing my face everyday sort of thing. Look at the food pyramid, fats, oils are at the top of the pyramid, not at the bottom.

    In the past I would be racked with guilt and angry with my lack of self-control because I'd already eaten five chocolate-coated biscuits by 12pm and had a piece of cake...so I would deny myself the yummy ice-cream and get grumpy because I'd failed myself earlier and felt I didn't deserve to have that ice-cream or piece of cake. And have to watch hubby eating the yummy stuff. It's much more fun to eat bad stuff together and oooh and ahhh over how tasty it is AND not feel guilty!

    You know what? I have lost (slowly) about 1.5 kgs...it took about a month...which isn't much but it's a start. And I haven't been exercising or cutting my other food much. Just trying to eat more fruit and veg first rather than say no to other foods (because then I want them more!). And I feel better, I feel like I am 'clean' and I have more energy, don't feel as sluggish. And I feel like I'm in control of myself, not as before when my sugar craving controlled me.

    I had a small relapse when I saw I thought I hadn't lost any weight. It had been about two weeks of 'depriving' myself and I became disheartened that all my 'sacrificing' hadn't led to the results I was looking for. So I ate about four or five snack size chocolates as 'revenge' (on my body?). After I ate them I realised that I'm only harming myself. Even if I don't lose any weight didn't I enjoy not feeling guilty when I had the occasional treat when out with hubby? Didn't I enjoy how energised I was feeling? So, didn't I owe it to myself to treat my body better?

    Next step is to talk myself into a regular exercise pattern...

    InshaAllah you'll get a handle on your self-control...