Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 1 of the eating plan

Alhamdulilaah I made it through day one which was tough! But I kept on making dua and focused on what I wanted.

Its actually day 3 but because the first two days I take the injections and eat normally, fortunately it fell over the right weekend when it was my husbands cousins wedding, so I could have all kinds of yummy food and deserts.

The first day of the detox which is today, I took the injection at 9 am and then had my breakfast of 250ml of strawberry protein shake and 300 grams of fruit. And I had 300 grams of fruit for lunch and 300 grams of fruit for supper. In between meals I had herbal teas and water.

My sense of smell was heightened to a new level! But I stuck it out and made it through! Alhamdulilaah.

So for the next 2 days I will be following the detox eating plan of fruit and taking my daily injections.

I have 18 kgs to loose, InshAllah!


Current Weight: 83 kgs
Goal Weight: 65 kgs
Mini Goal #1: 78 kgs
Mini Goal # 2: 73 kgs
Mini Goal # 3: 68 kgs

I am determined to get to my goal weight, InshAllah!

Some other exciting news is I am finally starting my arabic language course! Alhamdulilaah, Allah has answered my duas and granted me the opportunity of learning the language of the Quran. The course is grammer, morphology and tafseer so I am super excited to start tommorrow InshAllah.

Thanks for all the ladies who have commented!

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  1. Inshallah you will reach your goal and I am very happy to hear youll be starting arabic classes!!!!