Friday, November 6, 2009

Very Inspirational

Inspirational sources in islam....

As I mentioned before I was listening to a lecture series by Mufti Menk who is a beautiful, wise and inspirational speaker!

His words and the way he explains things really touched me! He is simplistic and modern and that is what we all need in this day and age to get the message through to us. His lectures can be downloaded at:

Another inspirational & motivational speaker I have listened to over the last few months has been Muhammad Alshareef, his lectures are amazing! He is also the founder of Al Maghrib Institute in the UK and a life coach. His website is: and the really amazing Heart Wheel Journal:

I think we all need inspiration, I know I do to boost my Emaan.

In 2008 I listened to Imam Anwar Al-Awlaki's Lives of the Prophets. Mashallah! What inspiration. Imam Al-Awlaki is an amazing speaker!

What else inspires me:

Reading islamic literature... I am currently reading Aid Al Qarni's "You can be the happiest woman in the world"

- Attending women's islamic gatherings

- Attending fiqh and islamic history classes

- Seeking knowledge and discussing it

I hope that my inspiration grows and grows, Inshallah, Ameen


  1. alaikum al salam sis, ur very similar to myself i used to wear hijab then i took it off then i put it back on and it felt so right this time. but i do have a huge regret that i didnt stick with it the first time but inshallah i will be forgiven. :) love ur blog!

  2. Ameen! Allah is oft forgiving.

    Thanks :)