Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I have been wearing the hijab full time since Ramadaan, Alhamdulilaah. Allah (SWA) has given me the guidance to stick with it.

So far all my friends & family have had really good comments about me wearing the hijab. My non muslim colleague asked me why I was wearing it and because she didn't really understand the whole concept I just said: "Its a step in the right direction" Then I explained to her that it is required by Islam that women cover their beauty and be modest.

Shukr, I am finding it easier and easier everyday, Alhamdulilaah.

This is an old picture of me with a hijab :)

No, I don't wear niqab (it is really a beautiful thing) Who knows, one day inshallah I will get there :)


  1. Mashallah sister congrat's for your hijab may Allaah bless you and keep you on the straight path amine