Tuesday, November 3, 2009


So a few weeks back I bought my daughter her first "fashion" doll.

It was called a My Scene Barbie called Madison. I went with my sister and a really good friend and they persuaded me to buy a tan doll with dark hair instead of the traditional blond haired barbie :)

This is what she looked like before...

And this is what she looked like after I was done with her :)


  1. ahahaha mashallah she looks so much nicer!!! whats with this mini skirt they put pffff...
    Where is ken? find her a husband called ahmed :p ahah

  2. Yeah, she does look lovely :)

    We still have to name her, any ideas?

  3. LOLZ! Wow that is funny. I like the way you hijabified her...just might have to do that to my little sisters dolls...Thank you for this, it gave me a nice laugh! :D